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Are you planning to go abroad soon? Be aware that cultural differences, the excitement of novelty, fatigue, the effects of possible jet lag, losing your bearings, or simply “bad luck” can make you more vulnerable and less vigilant when you travel.

And if no one is safe from an unforeseen event or an accident, no one is safe from being the cause either. You will then be required to assume the consequences. Fortunately, there is civil liability cover for private life abroad. It covers you for the entire duration of your stay.

What is private life liability insurance used abroad for?

While traveling abroad, you and your loved ones could incidentally cause harm to others.
On an electric scooter or bicycle, you could hit someone and injure them. Accidentally, your little one could break and shatter an antique displayed in a museum into a million pieces.

Or your dog might bite a passerby while you’re on vacation abroad. An incident is likely to land the victim in hospital, which could then turn against you and claim damages.

This is why private life liability insurance abroad is a very important guarantee when you travel because it protects you from damage for which you may be responsible during your stay outside France.

It takes care of the financial consequences (up to a certain ceiling) which fall on you if you, the people for whom you are responsible, or the things and domestic animals in your care were to accidentally cause bodily harm (injuries, e.g. ), material (broken objects, for example) or immaterial (financial losses in particular) to others during your trip abroad.

Without this guarantee, you risk paying colossal sums, or even going into debt, to compensate the victim (natural or legal person). Especially in some countries, notably the United States, where medical care is extremely expensive and lawsuits are extremely common.

Furthermore, without this guarantee, which protects and supports you, you risk finding yourself alone and very helpless to face a foreign health system and/or legal system in a language that you do not necessarily master.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW. The “Private life civil liability” guarantee, included in certain insurance contracts ( multi-risk home, sports club, association of which you are a part, etc.) that you have already taken out does not cover you outside France. Unless otherwise specified.
Hence the interest in taking out additional insurance “private life liability insurance abroad” which, as its name suggests, covers you… abroad.

What does the Private Life Civil Liability Abroad guarantee not cover?

This guarantee is not a Joker card that you can pull out at any time to absolve yourself of responsibility for any misstep! The civil liability guarantee only covers you for unintentional damage.
It contains exclusions (i.e. reasons for which you are not covered) that are specified in the insurance contract but which are generally as follows:

  • whether the damage was caused or caused intentionally
  • if you committed the damage under the influence of drugs, in a state of intoxication participated in a bet, took up a challenge, or voluntarily took part in a fight
  • if the damage was caused during your professional activity or your participation in an activity organized by an association, an institution, or a community
  • if the damage results from hunting, from all motorsports (automobile, motorcycle, more generally any motorized land vehicle), from all air sports
  • if the damage was caused by any air, maritime, or river navigation device, etc.

Why choose our Private Life Civil Liability Abroad Guarantee

Private liability cover for private life abroad is acquired when you take out our Voyageo Short Sejour (Formula 3), Voyageo Multi-Voyages, and Latitude Etudiant travel insurance.

Its financial coverage is high

if you accidentally cause bodily, material, or immaterial damage to others, we cover the financial consequences ( up to 4,500,000 euros ) which are your responsibility. Does this amount seem excessively high to you?

Be aware that in certain countries where medical costs can be up to 5 times higher than in France, the bill for hospitalization to be paid for a third party can quickly reach staggering sums. Without forgetting the amount of non-material damage resulting from the accident (certain damages can have lifelong consequences! ) which could also be claimed from you as well as the procedural costs.

Legal assistance and support

it also acts as a “ defense and recourse abroad ” guarantee. This means that we cover the procedural costs (up to 20,000 euros per dispute) relating to your defense when you are sued by a third party in court as well as those linked to your action against a third party if you have suffered damage. Provided that the offense or event is covered by our guarantee

24/7 assistance

even thousands of kilometers from home, you are supported by our experts. At any time of the day or night, you can contact our services

Quick and simple subscription

in a few clicks, you obtain the certificate of your travel insurance which contains the “private civil liability abroad” guarantee.

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FAQ Civil liability insurance abroad 

Does the private life liability guarantee of my comprehensive home contract also cover me abroad?

Unless the mention “coverage abroad” is specified” which is quite rare. Your cover stops at the French borders and you will not be covered abroad if you cause damage to a third party. It is strongly It is recommended to take out travel insurance with a “private civil liability abroad” guarantee, even for a short stay because no one is safe from the unexpected.

How to operate your private life liability insurance abroad if you have caused damage to someone during your vacation outside France?

To benefit from this guarantee, you must contact as quickly as possible (generally within five working days of becoming aware of the loss) the telephone number provided in your insurance contract to find out the procedure to follow and the documents to be requested. provide.

How much does private life liability insurance cost abroad?

The price depends on several criteria (length of stay, destination, type of trip, extent of other guarantees offered, etc.). Do not hesitate to ask for a quote which you will obtain free of charge in a few minutes.

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