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Flight Cancellation and Air Ticket Reimbursement Insurance: You’ve been dreaming of this trip for several months… But unfortunately, an unforeseen event has disrupted your plans. Whether you are forced to cancel your flight or this decision is the fault of the airline, you are wondering if you are eligible for a refund of your plane ticket. 

From the usefulness of taking out flight cancellation insurance at the time of booking to the steps to take, including the conditions and methods of reimbursement of cancellation costs, we explain everything to you to better manage the unpredictable.

Flight Cancellation and Air Ticket Reimbursement Insurance

What is flight cancellation insurance used for?

Optional, flight cancellation insurance can nevertheless be very useful if you are forced to cancel your trip because cancellation costs can be very high. It guarantees the insured reimbursement (total or partial) of cancellation fees which are systematically imposed by airlines and tour operators.

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A simple change of mind about the destination or the desire to no longer leave to attend your best friend’s 40th birthday does not constitute a valid reason to trigger this guarantee! Only a sudden, unforeseeable event independent of your will (covered by the contract), and which must be justified, allows you to claim this.

Under what conditions?

Each insurer may offer its conditions for reimbursement of cancellation costs. Carefully read the different general conditions offered in airline ticket insurance contracts as well as the exclusion clauses to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Generally, the valid causes supported are as follows:

  • the death, accident, or illness of the insured person or one of his or her close relatives
  • professional reason: dismissal, transfer, obtaining a job, modification or cancellation of leave by the employer
  • the invitation to a make-up exam for students
  • a major loss to the home (fire, water damage, etc.) occurring just before the departure date – an event in the country of destination: attacks, natural disasters, major political crises, etc. [Flight Cancellation and Air Ticket Reimbursement Insurance]

How are cancellation fees calculated?

They vary depending on the provider and can be progressive depending on when you canceled your trip.

The earlier you cancel, the lower the cancellation fees will be and the closer you cancel to the scheduled departure date, the higher they will be, or even an amount equivalent to 100% of the ticket.

Without flight cancellation insurance, you risk losing a lot of money.

What are the steps to follow to obtain reimbursement?

As soon as you have decided to cancel your flight, you must contact the insurance company as soon as possible.

Equipped with your insurance contract number, create your file which must contain all the documents justifying the validity of the reason for cancellation (covered by your contract) and necessary to trigger the flight cancellation reimbursement guarantee.

medical or death certificate, hospitalization bulletin, letter from employer, summons, copy or original of the invoice paid for cancellation fees, copy or original of the plane ticket, etc.

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The amount of cancellation fee reimbursement is calculated based on the date of cancellation, the reason given and the contract signed. This amount is generally capped and this amount is mentioned in the insurance contract.

In addition, a deductible (the part remaining the responsibility of the insured) is often applied. [Flight Cancellation and Air Ticket Reimbursement Insurance]

I had to cancel my flight and I didn’t take out insurance: can I be reimbursed?

Have you checked carefully and your ticket is neither changeable nor refundable? If you have not taken out plane flight insurance, you will not be able to benefit from a full refund.

On the other hand, as for any passenger who was unable to use their ticket, you can obtain reimbursement of certain air taxes. This is the airport tax, the amount of which appears on your ticket in box QW, and the passenger fee, the amount of which appears in box QX. You must request this from the airline or travel agency that sold you the ticket.

The airline canceled my flight. What are my rights?

Flight cancellation insurance only works when the cancellation comes from the traveler. When it is the airline that cancels the flight (European or not), it is the airline that you must contact to demand compensation.

According to the law, you are entitled to at least a refund of your ticket and possible damages if this has caused you particular harm.

If you are taking off to or from a country in the European Union, Iceland, Norway, or Switzerland, and provided that the flight is on a European airline, you benefit from additional rights. The company is obliged to:

  • offer you the choice between rerouting on another flight or refunding your ticket
  • pay you flight cancellation compensation which is calculated based on the distance of the initially planned flight.

This fixed compensation depends on the distance of the flight. [Flight Cancellation and Air Ticket Reimbursement Insurance]

Attention! This compensation is not due if:

  • the carrier has informed you of the cancellation of the flight at least two weeks before departure or if it has offered you a place on another flight at a time close to that initially planned
  •  the cancellation of the flight is due to extraordinary circumstances (weather incompatible with the flight, security risks, unstable political situation in the country of destination, etc.)

Did you know? If your flight has been delayed, you also have the right to demand conditional compensation. Before booking a flight, find out about the reliability of the airline.

Our travel insurance covers you when you travel per official recommendations issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the government of your destination country. Thus, will be covered:

  • Your medical expenses if you are the victim of an accident or fall ill, including COVID-19 (Short Stay Travel Insurance Formulas 1, 2, and 3, Multi-Trip Insurance, Student Abroad Insurance)
  • Cancellation of your trip, if you fall ill with Covid-19 before your departure, or if you are placed in quarantine. You will then have to present us with the results of an official PCR test as well as a medical certificate attesting to your isolation.

Why choose AXA flight cancellation insurance?

Included in several of our travel insurance policies (Formulas 2 and 3 of Voyageo Short Stay and Formula 2 of Latitude Etudiant ) and offered as an option on Voyageo Multi-Voyages and Voyageo Neige insurance, it guarantees coverage for numerous reasons for cancelation.

Have you had to cancel your trip following the refusal of a tourist visa, the theft of your identity papers before your departure, or being summoned to court as a witness? We will reimburse you for the cancellation costs of your flight.

The price of this cancellation insurance (from €10.99) includes all the other guarantees of our travel insurance: coverage of medical expenses abroad, medical repatriation, and medical teleconsultation with a French-speaking doctor.

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