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By Priyanshu Gurjar

It plans to include higher education institutions (HEIs) offering online courses under the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF). Along with this, HEIs providing online and distance education are also being relied upon to rank institutions offering languages.

The National Board of Accreditation (NBA) is currently reviewing the parameters to strengthen the Indian ranking. Rankings under NIRF are released every year for certain fields of universities, engineering, medicine, law, and management under HEI-allotted sectors, the list of which is published by the Ministry of Education (MOE) before the admission session. It is reported that the NBA has formed a committee to work on the parameters.

According to the senior MoE official, a new category may be added for India’s open universities (which may also include traditional universities offering online degrees) and language universities. In addition, universities working in the field of environment can also apply for the ranking.

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In this context, enhancing the parameters in the ranking system can also be considered, and a committee has been constituted for this. A government official said, “The committee is also considering introducing two new categories in the ranking for institutions offering online and distance mode courses and language programs.

Additional criteria will be implemented after the release of the committee’s report. The Environment Sustainability Rankings are another area of focus that looks at the environmental and social impacts of higher education institutions.

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The official said that along with issues of social concern, institutions doing excellent work in the field of environment can also be brought under the ambit of the ranking system. The ranking of higher education institutions in India started in 2016 and has been conducted regularly since then.

Currently, the NBA has fixed October 20 as the last date to apply, but it may be extended depending on the committee’s report. Last year, a new category—agriculture and allied sectors—was added to the ranking.

Apart from the overall category, the ranking is also in the college and field of pharmacy. A total of 5,543 institutions had applied for the India Rankings 2023, and of these, NAB received 8,686 applications across various categories.

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