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Study abroad insurance: Studying abroad is now part of an almost obligatory step for many young people who wish to practice another language, benefit from a different experience, and thus enter working life more easily. 

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Latitude Student: insurance designed for studying abroad

To leave with complete peace of mind,  insurance for studies or an internship abroad is a real plus. AXA Assistance has thought of Student Latitude Insurance, a formula specially designed for all globe-trotting students.

Different protection when studying abroad

When you go to study abroad you don’t necessarily think about the negative aspects and in particular what could happen in the event of illness or accident for example. However, in certain countries such as the United States, the costs associated with medication or hospitalization can quickly become considerable.

With the social security system which covers us very well in France, we often think that we are very well covered, even outside our borders. However, this is not the case, since social security covers you in Europe according to the legislation and formalities of the country in which you are on presentation of the European health insurance card.

In other countries, it will sometimes be possible to obtain a refund but this reimbursement will be far from being accepted easily. In both cases, many costs may remain your responsibility.

Study abroad: an insurance package specially designed for a peaceful stay

To avoid a difficult situation, AXA Assistance has designed Latitude Student Travel Insurance which supports young people during their studies abroad. Thanks to student insurance abroad such as Latitude Etudiant and for a modest sum, numerous guarantees allow you to enjoy your stay with peace of mind, anywhere in the world.

coverage of health costs incurred in everyday medicine (for care and medicines), reimbursement of emergency medical expenses, search and rescue abroad, repatriation in the event of accident, illness, etc.

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In Europe as elsewhere in the world and depending on the formula, Latitude Étudiant can also allow a refund of the ticket in the event of cancellation or financial compensation in the event of late baggage delivery, for example.

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Various aspects of a stay abroad, when not anticipated, can greatly disrupt a stay, or even require a return due to excessive expenses. Planning your study abroad insurance before departure will allow you to take full advantage of everything positive that this experience can bring.

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