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You have had an accident with personal injury and want to hire a lawyer. But which one should you have? There are so many. That is why it is useful to know which types of injury lawyers there are. You can read that in this article.

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What is an injury lawyer?

A personal injury lawyer, just like a personal injury lawyer, may assist a personal injury victim in a personal injury case. A personal injury lawyer:

  • Holds the other party liable
  • Conducts discussions with all parties (doctors, insurer, labor expert)
  • Calculates the damage
  • Arranges an advance
  • Helps get compensation for the damage

1. Pro bono lawyer in personal injury cases

A pro bono personal injury lawyer will help you with your case for free. This is for people who cannot afford a lawyer. Everyone has the right to defense. This is stated in Dutch law.

The costs of the pro bono lawyer in the event of personal injury are subsidized by the government. The body responsible for pro bono legal assistance is the Legal Aid Board.

Did you know that the help of Wijs Letselschade is always free? We help personal injury victims recover damages free of charge. Whether you can afford it or not.

2. Lawyer and damages

Compensation is financial compensation for suffering, sadness, and the pain you experience as a result of the injury. You can receive compensation for this if the other party is liable. Is there a chance that you are entitled to damages? A lawyer can help you claim this from the other party.

The amount of the compensation depends on your specific circumstances. The highest amount of compensation paid out to date in the Netherlands is €350,000.

3. Lawyer in the event of an industrial accident

After an industrial accident, a lawyer will help you get compensation for damages following an accident at work. You are almost always entitled to compensation in the event of an industrial accident. The employer is responsible for this.

Fortunately, most employers are well insured against industrial accidents and any damage you suffer will be paid by their insurer.

Wijs Letselschade is one of the few offices in the Netherlands specializing in specific guidance after an industrial accident.

4. Lawyer in a traffic accident

Have you had a car accident or other traffic accident? Through someone else’s fault? After a traffic accident, a lawyer will help you claim damages. He or she knows exactly what steps need to be taken to achieve good compensation. Whether it was a bicycle accident, car accident, or, for example, a pile-up.

5. Personal injury lawyer no cure no pay

Some personal injury lawyers work on a no-cure no-pay basis. What does this mean?

“No Cure No Pay” is a payment agreement. You only pay the costs of a personal injury lawyer if he or she achieves positive results. Then part of your compensation will be withheld. If the lawyer does not win the case, you pay nothing.

No cure and no pay are necessary in personal injury cases. A personal injury lawyer can recover the costs from the other party.

You can also hire a personal injury lawyer

Did you know that personal injury lawyers can help you recover damages just as well as lawyers?

Just like personal injury lawyers, personal injury lawyers have completed professional training in personal injury. The difference: a personal injury lawyer is allowed to go to court, but a personal injury lawyer is not. But fortunately, in 95% of cases, litigation is not necessary.

Wijs Personal Injury is ready to help you

Wijs Letselschade employs passionate personal injury lawyers who are happy to help you recover damages. Whatever type of accident you have.

Together we will look at what is needed to get your damage compensated. We also pay special attention to your recovery. Finally, the most important thing is that you regain perspective for the future. And we support you in this.

Our help is always free. We are also affiliated with the National Personal Injury Quality Mark: the quality mark for professionalism and reliability in the personal injury industry.

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