Whether you make a quick online quote or a request by phone, you will need to provide several pieces of information to obtain an auto insurance quote.

To be well prepared, and have everything at hand, here is a list of information that is usually requested by insurers. You won’t waste time, and you’ll get your prize the first time.

How to Prepare For an Auto Insurance Quote

Table of Contents

Vehicle Information

Vehicle make, model, and year

The insurer of course wants to know which vehicle it will have to cover. Some models are more stolen than others, for example.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

The identification number is the serial number of the vehicle. It’s a long series of mixed letters and numbers (about 17). Thanks to this data, the insurer can access its history. 

This way, he knows if he has already been the subject of a complaint (by you or by the previous owner). The number can be found in particular on the vehicle registration certificate.

Number of kilometers traveled in a year

The number of kilometers traveled is an important factor in calculating your premium: the less you drive, the less you pay! According to insurers, a difference of just 1000 km can have an impact on the premium. Carefully estimating the distance you will cover over the next year is therefore important.

Number of kilometers traveled to get to work

What exactly you do with your car is taken into account. Since driving to work every day increases the risk of an accident, your insurance premium will be calculated accordingly. If you use your car for commercial purposes, it is very important to notify your insurer.

Installation of an anti-theft, immobilizer, or tracking system

If you have had a system of this type installed, the risk of your vehicle being stolen (and therefore of you making a claim) decreases. The insurer could grant a discount on your premium.

In general, chipping is effective in preventing the theft of vehicle parts, but it is of little use if the vehicle is sent to another country for resale. The insurer therefore looks for the combination of different systems, which makes the car more difficult to steal. 

In the case of certain luxury vehicles, the presence of a tracking system is essential. The insurer may even offer you a discount for its installation.

Looking for other ways to save on your car insurance premium? We have suggestions!

Driver Information

Date of birth

The date of birth is simply used to validate the identity of the insured.

Driving license number

The driver’s license number allows the officer to access the driver’s file. You must provide this information for all drivers of the vehicle.

Age when obtaining a license

Experience counts for an insurer. As a general rule, the more experienced a driver you are, the lower your premium will be.


Thanks to your address, the insurer knows where the vehicle will mainly be used, and also where it will often be parked.

Marital status (married, common-law, single)

In Quebec, insurers are interested in spouses residing under the same roof. For what? These could increase the risk that an insurer takes by agreeing to protect a vehicle. 

So even if one spouse owns the car and drives it most often, they must graciously provide the other spouse’s name and personal information.

Previous claims

You must provide a list of all losses (accidents, theft, vandalism, etc.) that have happened to you and other drivers. Do not try to hide an accident: the agent will search the Central Automobile Claims File and verify your declarations. 

The insurer uses this information to calculate the risk you represent.
Please note that there are solutions if you are having difficulty insuring your vehicle because of your past claims.

Violations of the Highway Safety Code

Has your driver’s license been suspended? Did your daughter get a speeding ticket? You should tell the insurer yourself, rather than for them to discover it by accessing

Compare auto insurance quotes

It’s not all about answering the insurer’s questions! To be able to effectively compare the quotes you receive, here are two things to look out for:

  • Make sure you have the same protections and deductible amounts on all your quotes.
  • Compare the price per year without taxes.

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