Hey Scholar, if you want to acquire a flexible and quality education to become an effective psychologist, you may need to study in one of the best accredited online colleges for psychology.

You will agree that your university or college can impact your career as a psychologist. Therefore, going to a leading accredited online college for psychology is a quick and flexible way to get a quality psychology education.

Best Accredited Online Colleges for Psychology

Most of these programs are designed to fit well into the schedules of busy people who may not be able to attend full-time on-campus training.

While they can be flexible in terms of schedule and curriculum, they are designed to provide people like you with a quality education to prepare you for a range of career paths.

Check out this article we have written to guide you in case you are looking for an affordable online college for psychology.

Best Accredited Online Colleges for Psychology

Studying psychology could open doors for you in different industries that need your expertise. These 7 best accredited online colleges for psychology below offer some of the best online programs you might like.

Below is a list of the 30 best accredited online colleges for psychology:

  1. Arizona State University
  2. Fort Hays State University
  3. University of Florida-Online
  4. Washington State University
  5. University of Central Florida
  6. Florida International University
  7. Drexel University

1. Arizona State University

Tuition: $561 to $1,343 per credit hour.

Arizona State University, also known as ASU, offers an online degree program for a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. 

This online psychology program offered by ASU provides learners with the knowledge to pursue a career in different fields such as business, law, and many more. 

ASU’s bachelor’s degree in psychology integrates theoretical and practical approaches to the study of human behaviors.

2. Fort Hays State University

Course: $298.55 per credit hour.

Fort Hays State University offers flexible online psychology training for students who wish to pursue their master’s or education programs.

As a student at Fort Hays State University, you can choose to enroll in the psychology program as a part-time or full-time student.

The program is delivered to students through virtual means, but students must be physically available on the FSU campus for a 5-day workshop.

3. University of Florida Online

Course: $129 per credit hour.

Recently, the University of Florida was ranked among the best colleges for a bachelor’s degree in psychology by the U.S. News and World Report. 

The University of Florida Online prepares its psychology students for different career paths through its interdisciplinary educational approach.

The university has different admission requirements for the two groups of psychology program applicants which are;

  • Freshmen and lower division transfer applicants
  • Candidate for transfer from the upper division and the second baccalaureate.

4. Washington State University

Courses: Different prices.

You can earn a Bachelor of Science degree at Washington State University after completing the online psychology program. 

The WSU bachelor’s degree in psychology program is a completely online program that covers the necessary knowledge you will need to understand human behavior and psychological methods and principles.

WSU’s online psychology program has consistently ranked among the top online programs in the United States.

5. University of Central Florida

Course: $179.19.

After completing this online psychology program, the University believes that students should be able to understand psychological research methods.

You will also be able to apply your knowledge to solve real-world human psychological problems. In the University of Central Florida’s online psychology program, you will take courses such as;

  • Developmental psychology
  • Statistical methods in psychology
  • Abnormal psychology.

6. Florida International University

Course: $228.81 per credit hour.

This fully online psychology program from Florida International University is designed to pair each student with a success coach. 

The program requires 120 credits, and students who successfully graduate earn an online Bachelor of Arts degree from the University. 

The psychological program at Florida International University focuses on 5 main areas which are: 

  • Experimental
  • Social 
  • Applied
  • Personality/abnormal 
  • Development.

7. Drexel University

Course: $557 per credit.

Drexel University offers an online bachelor’s degree in psychology that is available to students who want to earn a degree in psychology but may not have the time to study full-time. 

This flexible online program educates learners to prepare for careers in business, neuroscience, law, healthcare, and more. 

Students learn to frame and discover answers to questions related to human behavior and apply this discovery to improve lives.


Online education is growing rapidly and has become a popular form of education for busy people, working professionals, and committed individuals to expand their knowledge and even learn about a new career.

However, some people fall prey to online degrees that are neither recognized nor accredited. 

For this particular reason, we have written this article on the 30 best accredited online psychology colleges to guide your college choice.

We hope you found this valuable. 

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