The average cost of car insurance currently stands at €630/year, which represents an expense for households up 3% compared to the previous year.

In such a context, saving money on your car insurance is more necessary than ever. To help you, we have produced a ranking of the cheapest car insurance for the year 2024.

What is The Cheapest Car Insurance

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Ranking of the cheapest car insurance in 2024

To help you find a cheap contract, we have established several comparisons of the cheapest car insurance in 2024. The simulations were carried out using the offers available on our online comparator.

The prices displayed for each classification are obtained from the following driver profile and car model:

  • Car model: Renault Clio V 1.0 SCE Business 4 CV from 2020
  • Vehicle use: private journeys and work
  • City of residence: Carcassonne
  • Age of driver: 30 years old
  • Date of obtaining your driving license: 02/11/2012
  • Bonus: 40%

The cheapest third-party car insurance in 2024: from €12.61/month

By taking out third-party car insurance, you benefit from the legal minimum level of coverage imposed by the Insurance Code. This formula includes the driver’s civil liability guarantee. 

As such, it covers material and bodily damage caused to a third party. However, if you are responsible for a disaster, you cannot claim any compensation for the damage you suffer.

This minimum level of guarantee allows you to reduce the cost of your car insurance. It can therefore be advantageous for young drivers, disabled motorists, or owners of an old (more than 10 years old) or non-running car.

The cheapest third-party auto plan in 2024 amounts to €12.61/month. Offered by Direct Assurance, this contract allows you to benefit from an individual driver guarantee of up to €400,000 as well as 0 km assistance in the event of an accident. A deductible applies for breakdowns declared less than 50 km from your home.

The cheapest third-party plus car insurance in 2024: from €15.17/month

To benefit from improved protection, you can choose to insure your vehicle with third-party Plus. This intermediate formula, more economical than comprehensive car insurance, allows you to strengthen your basic guarantees. 

In addition to the coverage offered by the third-party plan, you will be able to claim coverage in the event of broken glass, theft, or fire of your vehicle. Our 2024 auto insurance comparison can help you find a third-party contract at a competitive price.

The cheapest all-risk car insurance in 2024: from €21.51/month

The most comprehensive package for both the vehicle and its driver, all-risk car insurance offers you extended coverage for bodily injury and material damage in the event of a disaster, whether you are responsible or not. 

More comprehensive, it includes the guarantees of third-party insurance plus to which will be added the guarantees for vandalism, natural or technological disaster, damage from all accidents, or even a replacement vehicle. This car insurance may be required particularly in the context of car leasing.

Take out a cheap car insurance contract

The amount of your car insurance premium will depend on several criteria, in addition to the chosen formula (third party, third party plus or all risks):

  • the model of the vehicle to be insured: the year it was put on the market, the engine, the power, etc.
  • the use of the vehicle: the location of parking (parking lot, garage, street, etc.), the annual mileage, the nature of the journeys (professional, home-work, leisure, etc.)
  • the driver’s profile: age, professional situation, place of residence, length of driving license, accompanied driving, etc.
  • the history of the main insured, taking into account his background and his bonus-malus coefficient.

You will therefore be able to claim inexpensive car insurance by firstly reducing the extent of your guarantees: third-party insurance will be more economical than an all-risks formula. However, keep in mind that your driving profile will also influence the amount of your insurance premium. 

A young driver will on average pay more for his contract than an experienced driver who will himself be penalized if he has accumulated a penalty following responsible accidents.

You can also save money by comparing your needs with market offers. Online car insurance comparators offer you the possibility of taking out an offer adapted to your profile in just a few clicks by offering you a personalized selection of the cheapest car insurance.

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