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How much to invest to improve your energy performance diagnosis (DPE)? This is the question that many owners are asking, as well as our colleagues from Le Parisien. Indeed, French regulations now impose strict standards on the energy performance of housing, which can have a significant impact on the prices and resale or rental value of real estate. Explanations.

In Paris, where many homes are classified F or G, insulation work has become essential to avoid legal sanctions. By 2025, housing classified G will be prohibited from renting, and this ban will extend to housing classified E in 2034.

In addition, the energy performance diagnosis is now a determining factor in the negotiation of sale prices or rent. A poorly classified home can lose up to 4% of its value, and this percentage is likely to increase as deadlines approach.

To undertake this insulation work, it is important to plan it, because demand is likely to explode in the coming months, particularly in Paris due to the Olympic Games which will begin next July.

In addition, it is recommended to use specialized and certified companies, which can support you throughout the process and help you obtain the financial aid available. The costs of the work vary depending on the size of the accommodation, but on average, it costs around 742 euros per square meter in Paris, or between 5 and 10% of the value of the accommodation.

The owner of a 35 m2 Parisian studio explains to our colleagues that he spent 35,000 euros to improve the DPE of his home. In return, he plans to increase the rent by 80 euros per month to make his investment profitable.

Call on specialized companies

It is also recommended to use trusted third parties, such as companies specializing in energy diagnostics, such as Ithaca. Their mission is to carry out an energy audit for their clients, put them in touch with partner companies, and help them obtain state subsidies.

Using this type of service can make the process easier and guarantee that the work will be carried out correctly.

Please note that for certain accommodations, carrying out energy performance work is not obligatory, particularly for main residences and accommodations rented with a current lease.

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However, it always makes sense to improve the energy performance of your home, whatever its status, as this can have a positive impact on its value and operating costs.

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