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For many international students, American higher education is unaffordable. However, the U.S. government and private organizations offer scholarships to international students. The type of scholarship you receive varies from partial to full or covers only tuition fees, living expenses, etc.

Some scholarships may be grant-based, with the institution giving you money which can then be used directly for your studies, paying for tuition and accommodation, or used personally, with no strings attached.

There are many resources on the Internet to find specific information about scholarships available to non-U.S. citizens. With so many options, it can be difficult to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Government Funded Scholarships

The Fulbright program

This program is a prestigious award that offers international students the opportunity to do research at an American university. The program awards 4,000 scholarships each year and more than 60% of them have been awarded abroad. 

The scholarships come with many benefits, such as tuition reimbursement, accommodation costs covered by the government of the sponsoring country during the stay abroad, and living allowances, all paid during your stay in an American establishment. This exchange has been around for decades.

It provides scholarships to individuals who wish to study at a university, college or technical school in the United States. Graduate students, young professionals, and artists can all apply for this program. 

The application procedure varies from country to country. While this is true, applying online is a good way to ensure the process goes smoothly. There are many resources online that outline the application process, so it’s a good idea to find out in advance.

The Hubert Humphrey Scholarship

It is a government-sponsored scholarship program that fully funds international students enrolled in programs at top U.S. schools and institutions. More than 200 scholarships have been awarded by the Hubert Humphrey Foundation each year, including 100 foreign students from low-income homes.

The Humphrey Scholarship is awarded to students with an undergraduate degree who have worked for at least five years in their profession and who wish to pursue a master’s degree. 

The areas covered by the scholarship are many and varied, such as economic development, agriculture, environmental policy, natural resources, finance and banking, climate change, and urban planning (among others). To be eligible for a scholarship in another country, one must contact the United States Embassy and the Fulbright Commission.

Non-government funded scholarships

Universities are making an effort to attract international students by offering them scholarships. Universities have different scholarship programs that specifically cater to African, Asian, European, or even academic field-specific applicants and offer more than the government can do. Dozens of scholarship programs exist for international students in the United States. Many are available through the federal government, but many others are available through private organizations.

  • Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarships – This scholarship program for international students is offered by the World Bank. The World Bank is the largest international financial institution, which offers a variety of scholarships to students from countries around the world. Scholars have access to undergraduate and graduate studies at eight U.S. universities, including Columbia University and Harvard University.
  • AAUW Women Scholarships – This scholarship program provides financial assistance to overseas women enrolled in U.S. universities. Scholarships ranging from 17,000 to 28,000 euros are available for foreign women studying full-time or enrolled in a research program in the United States.
  • Abbey Road Summer Scholarships – These scholarships are for those who are passionate about art and languages. Summer courses worth 900 or 450 euros are covered by the scholarship.
  • The Next Gen Scholarship Fund – To qualify for this scholarship, students must be enrolled at a university in Washington DC, Virginia, or Maryland and have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

The majority of international students’ higher education funding will come from their university, as universities are often generous with scholarships and grants for these types of students. For example, if you are an international student looking to attend a certain school, they may offer different loans tailored to your situation. Here are some of the most common factors that could impact your financial aid for college:

  • You must be a citizen of certain countries to be eligible for certain scholarships.
  • Your visa can determine the amount of financial aid you will receive. Some scholarships are available to international students, depending on their visa type.
  • You can probably increase your chances of getting financial aid through your participation in sports or other extracurricular activities.
  • The diploma for which you are registered is a diploma specific to each university.
  • Your previous academic performance influences your eligibility for financial aid.

As an international student, the university’s financial aid office will be able to guide you through all the documents necessary to obtain financial aid, answer any questions that arise on this subject, and provide you with resources if there is a problem with your money or documents while you are registering.

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