This castle was purchased by two enthusiasts thanks to crowdfunding

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Two friends who are passionate about real estate and heritage recently purchased a castle. To finalize this crazy project, they called on crowdfunding.

For eight centuries at the top of the Vegas Valley, the Logis manor has majestically sat, recently acquired by visionary entrepreneurs Martin and Jeremy. Their tale begins during a TGV excursion when they visit for the first tour of the mansion.

“After 18 properties visited, this one truly dazzled us,” shares Martin Menez, co-owner of the Logis mansion on France 3 Regions, January 14, 2024. The acquisition of this atypical architectural treasure represented a challenge monumental, raised thanks to a crowdfunding campaign.

In just three days, they raised 690,000 euros, enough to acquire this rare gem in time for the Christmas festivities. This purchase is only the beginning of the adventure. Indeed, work will have to be done, starting with the transformation of the cellar into a sumptuous reception room.

“Upon entering, a vaulted arch creates an almost mystical atmosphere,” describes Martin Menez, referring to the 180 square meters of the cellar that opens before them, revealing a mysterious corridor leading to the castle’s kitchens. “It is the icing on the cake,” he exclaims.

500,000 euros of work

Projects abound, with a first phase of work planned for mid-March, estimated at a total cost of 500,000 euros. Jeremy, co-owner of the Logis manor, is already imagining the wedding hall in this spacious space.

“Our ambition is not to simply set round tables with white tablecloths, but to create a space with impressive ceiling height, offering a view of the magnificent framework,” he shares. Plans are taking shape, and the summer could see the completion of certain aspects of the project. However, other parts will require more time.

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