We can imagine that after a car accident, you are looking for someone who can help you get compensation for the damage.

We also understand that you have questions. How much does a lawyer cost? Aren’t lawyers very expensive? You already have so many costs due to the car accident and personal injury. There can’t be anything more to that…

Don’t worry, in this article, we will explain everything you need to know about a car accident lawyer.

Had a car accident: when to hire a lawyer?

You hire a lawyer when someone else is responsible for causing the car accident and you want compensation for the damage. For example, someone crashed into you hard with their car or did not see you coming from the right.

In those cases, there is a good chance that the other person will have to pay for your damages. A lawyer can help you to hold the other party officially responsible (liable) and to receive compensation for the damage.

Is it not certain who exactly is responsible and therefore liable for the damage? Always engage a good advocate.

What does a lawyer do in a car accident?

If all goes well, a car accident lawyer will take as much work off your hands as possible so that you can focus on your recovery. The lawyer will help you claim damages. And there is often more to it than you think.

Holding the other party liable

After the accident, the lawyer holds the other party liable (the person who was at fault for the car accident). Holding yourself liable is the first step to getting your damages compensated. Read everything about liability for personal injury here.

Damage calculation

In addition, a lawyer in the event of a traffic accident will help you calculate the personal injury damages. Medical costs, lost income, and costs of household help are all damages that are eligible for compensation. That is why the lawyer must receive as many important invoices and receipts as possible. So keep it safe.

Future: a new perspective and determining damage

The lawyer also looks at future damage. This is damage that you will suffer in the future as a result of the accident. For example, you wanted to become a pilot and already studied for it, but due to the accident you now have a disability in your arm forever. As a result, that dream falls apart and you miss out on a good salary in the future.

We must then look at the possibilities to give you a new perspective for the future and what it takes to create this new perspective. In some cases, this may mean that, with the help of, for example, an employment expert, other options need to be explored in terms of work.

If you are no longer able to work at all due to the accident, all lost income (including future income) will be calculated. This is part of your personal injury claim and must be compensated by the other party.

Consult with the opposing party

Also important: the lawyer consults with the opposing party. He or she knows exactly how to substantiate your case and always goes for the best result.

Arrange advance payment

To ensure that you can pay all the bills and do not run into financial problems, the lawyer will arrange an advance for personal injury damages after the car accident. This way you don’t have to worry about your finances, so all the focus can be on recovery.


Finally, a lawyer can litigate. By litigating, we mean: going to court. Fortunately, personal injury cases rarely have to go to court. Only in 5% of cases is a judge involved.

95% of the time, the parties reach an agreement without the case having to be submitted to court! Submitting a case to court often does entail costs, so it is nice that this is rarely necessary.

A personal injury lawyer can also help you

After a car accident, personal injury lawyers do the same as lawyers: assist you in recovering damages. Wijs Letselschade has very good and reliable personal injury lawyers who are only too happy to help you.

What is the difference between a personal injury lawyer and a lawyer?

A lawyer and a personal injury lawyer do not differ in quality and knowledge. Both have completed legal studies and specialize in personal injury. The only difference is that a lawyer is allowed to litigate and a personal injury lawyer is not.

Fortunately, litigation is rarely necessary, as you have just read. Ultimately, it is about choosing an advocate with whom you have full confidence. If a procedure is necessary, Wijs Personal Injury will engage its in-house lawyer.

Lawyer costs after a car accident

Many people wonder how much a car accident lawyer costs. You often hear shocking stories of enormous amounts… And in principle those amounts are correct. A lawyer easily costs at least €200 per hour. Do you have to pay for all of that yourself?

Fortunately, the answer is: no By law, the liable party must reimburse the lawyer’s costs. Good thing, too.

However, a car accident lawyer or lawyer sometimes asks for compensation from the client.

No cure no pay

A payment arrangement that sometimes still occurs among personal injury lawyers and lawyers is called ‘ no cure co-pay ‘. You then only pay if the lawyer or lawyer achieves a positive result. That’s not entirely fair. 

The lawyer then invoices twice, because the costs are already reimbursed by the other party. So pay attention to this before you do business with someone.

Process costs

Costs are also sometimes charged if the lawyer has to go to court. These are called process costs. Unfortunately, these are not paid or fully paid by the liable insurer. Therefore, lawyers sometimes have to pass these costs on to clients.

Always read the agreement carefully before hiring someone, so that you can be sure that you will not have to deal with unforeseen costs afterward.

The help of Wijs Letselschade costs you nothing at all

The help of Wijs Letselschade is always 100% free for clients. We can declare the costs to the other party. If we take your case, it will cost you nothing at all. Regardless of the result. Especially with all the financial stress you may already have due to the car accident, that certainty is of course very nice.

If we are not reimbursed or not fully reimbursed for our costs, this will be at our own expense and risk. No unforeseen costs, snags, or other things you didn’t expect.

What is the best thing to do after a car accident?

Once you get over the initial shock, you’re probably wondering, ‘What now?’ Below you will find a list of things you can do if you have been in a car accident.

  1. Collect data: Collect all receipts, evidence, invoices, and other important data. This also includes the collision form. Together with your story, this is the basis on which the lawyer or lawyer holds the other party liable.
  2. Ask for help from those around you: Asking for help may be difficult, but your loved ones probably really want to be there for you. Let them read the article with tips for relatives of victims.
  3. Seek professional help: Always call a personal injury lawyer or lawyer after a car accident! You don’t have to worry about the costs, because the help should in principle be free of charge. Read more about the benefits of an advocate in our other article.
  4. Focusing on your recovery: a lawyer or lawyer will take over all the complicated paperwork for you. This frees up time and space for your recovery. After all, your recovery is the most important thing.

Wijs goes for the best result

Wijs Letselschade employs experienced and committed personal injury lawyers who will do everything they can to help you as best as possible. We take as much work off your hands as possible and map the damage. Together we look at what is needed to recover as best as possible.

Wijs is also affiliated with the National Quality Mark for Personal Injury. This quality mark indicates that a personal injury lawyer or lawyer is reliable and can offer the quality you deserve. These advocates are regularly checked and meet the quality requirements that you would expect from a good advocate.

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