Best Colleges in the Northwest: There is no elevator to succeed, you have to climb the stairs. College is one of the stairs to success. It’s a broad road to success.

This is the ultimate guide to making the right choice regarding Northwest colleges, private and public. The list of best colleges in North West below gives the best to their student.

This gives them an advantage over other colleges, which sets them apart from other colleges in the Pacific Northwest. Hence the need to be enlightened about the best colleges in the North West.

Best Colleges in the Northwest

What are the best colleges in the Northwest?

  1. Whitman College
  2. University of Washington
  3. University of Portland
  4. Seattle University
  5. Gonzaga University
  6. Lewis and Clark College
  7. Linfield College

A quick overview of the list of the 7 best colleges in the Northwest

1. Whitman College

Location: Walla Walla, Washington.

Estimated tuition: $55,982.

Whitman College is a private university that helps by offering the opportunity to jump into your major while exploring topics and courses within your range of interests.

They offer their students the Whitman Internship Scholarship between $3,000 and $5,000 each year to fund their dream internships.

Transfer students from other four-year liberal arts colleges and large comprehensive universities are welcome, they don’t just welcome new students.

Age, background, or educational goals are not a barrier to Whitman College. They offer financial aid to their students.

2. University of Washington

Location: Seattle, Washington.

Estimated local tuition:  $11,745.

Estimated national tuition:  $39,114.

It is a public university whose main mission is to preserve, advance, and disseminate knowledge.

They strive to ensure that people with disabilities have access to all services and content, including those provided using information technology. They offer financial aid to their students.

3. University of Portland

Location: Portland, Oregon.

Estimated tuition: $70,632.

The University of Portland is a private university that helps students invest in their future to achieve their educational goals by providing them with alternatives, financially, through the financial aid award process.

As an aid, they offer scholarships such as Providence scholarships, music scholarships, theater scholarships, international scholarships, athletic scholarships, and much more. They offer financial aid to their students.

4. Seattle University

Location: Seattle, Washington.

Estimated tuition:  $49,335.

It is a private university that focuses on the tripartite of man – mind, body, and spirit to learn and grow inside and outside of the classroom.

You can explore all the opportunities a world-class city offers in arts, culture, and economics. Students taking undergraduate courses must have health insurance.

Additionally, they welcome first-year applicants, transfers, graduate applicants, and much more. They offer financial aid to their students.

5. Gonzaga University

Location: Spokane, Washington.

Estimated tuition: $23,780 (full-time; 12-18 credits).

Gonzaga University is a private university that offers 15 undergraduate degrees in 52 majors, 54 minors, and 37 concentrations. They believe in connecting passion with purpose. They offer financial aid to their students.

6. Lewis and Clark College

Location: Portland, Oregon.

Estimated tuition:  $57,404.

Lewis and Clark College is a private college that offers approximately 32 courses, and preferences are welcome for everyone.

Your lessons will be divided into three namely; General training, main requirements, and options. They offer 29 majors, 33 minors, and pre-professional programs. They offer financial aid to their students.

7. Linfield College

Location: McMinnville, Oregon.

Estimated tuition: $45,132.

Linfield College is a private university that offers three undergraduate degrees; The Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees are available through online education and continuing education.

Additionally, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree is available to students in the online RN to BSN program. They offer financial aid to their students.

What is a college?

A college is an educational institution or institution of higher education.

It is a higher education institution teaching undergraduate and/or graduate students, helping to continue their studies at an intermediate level.

The value of college cannot be overstated. Thus, the need to attend a promising college. Each college has its particularity and distinction.

Looking for the best college to enroll in in the Northwest? Are you looking for a college with a special feature? Congratulations! You are just on the right track. Just grab some popcorn while we travel to explore the top 30 colleges in the Northwest together.

Where is the Pacific Northwest?

The Pacific Northwest is located in the United States of America.

It extends from the state of Washington, located in southern Oregon, and borders the state of Idaho in the northwest corner of the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Colleges in the Northwest

What is local tuition?

These are fees paid by students who reside in the state (sometimes also neighboring states) in which the university is located.

What is home tuition?

These are fees paid by students who, at the time of registration, are citizens but are from other states (some universities may consider students from neighboring states to be local students).

Which college is best? University of Oregon or Oregon State University?

Based on the ranking, the University of Oregon is ranked higher than Oregon State University. Therefore, the University of Oregon is considered better.


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